Headloads: “Without the energy of change, no creation.”
Els Kocken lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since her return from 27 years of social development-, and humanitarian assistance in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. She is an anthropologist and a visual artist.
The photo academy education (2013-2016) enabled her to pursue a career change and triggered her curiosity to explore other visual media. Kocken’s anthropology background and perceptions of past experiences shape her artwork to a large extent.
Photography is providing Kocken with a reality that triggers the building of layers, allowing for new perspectives. Using drawing, painting and graphics in combination with her photography, these interventions become an adventure. For Kocken the power of change in perspectives and the concept of No Condition Permanent are crucial in her thinking. The energy coming from discovering new light, forms, colours or compositions, shine through in the layers of her images .
Well aware of hopes and fears around open-mindedness to change, she explores her own receptivity for continuous change.
Kocken’s most recent works titled ‘Headloads’ reflect on this mindset.
Send an email  to info@elskockenphotography.nl when you have further interests in  her work.