Els Kocken is fascinated by the power of change in perspectives. Curiosity about the potential of new insights, drive her to open up her own photographic images to new interpretations.  Using acrylic, ink, pastel or oil paint in combination with her photographic images,  these unsolicited interventions become an adventure.  The energy coming from discoveries is a trigger to continue exploring the notion:  “no condition permanent”.
For Kocken the power of change in perspectives is a guide to a life survival strategy: “no condition permanent”. She has seen worlds in a state of transition where little can be taken for granted.  She believes in the potential of energy triggered by new insights,  Well aware of  hopes and fears around open-mindedness to “no condition permanent”,  she explores how blocks in energy, could be the block to new developments.
Send an email  to info@elskockenphotography.nl when you have further interests in  her work.

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